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V-730 UV-Visible/NIR Spectrophotometer

Routine analysis through advanced research methods. The V-730 is an economical, general-purpose instrument with a compact design to save bench space. Its excellent spectroscopic performance is suitable for routine, QC and research applications.

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System Description

User friendly features include the IQ Accessory function for automatic accessory recognition and IQ Start for immediate start of registered data collection applications when conducting routine measurements. Two graphical user interfaces are available including a newly redesigned intelligent remote module (iRM) with a color LCD touch screen or Spectra Manager II software, the latest version of JASCO's innovative, cross-platform spectroscopy software. Both of these control and analysis interfaces allow full system control and advanced data processing. Spectra Manager CFR is a 21 CFR part 11 compliant version of software and is available as an option.

System Features

Simplicity and Ease-of-Use

Both the iRM and Spectra Manager II software offer an intuitive interface allowing even first time users to collect data with confidence.

Compact Design

The optical bench of the V-730 is a compact 441 (W) x 468 (D) x 216 (H) mm, saving space in the modern laboratory.

High-Speed Scanning

High-throughput optics and fast response detectors allow the V-730 to scan at speeds up to 8000 nm/min without wavelength tracking errors.

Wide Range of Sampling Accessories

A full complement of sampling accessories including cell holders, flow cells, temperature controllers and software packages are available to optimize the V-730 for specific applications.

Instrument Validation

For laboratories compliant with GMP/GLP regulations, the V-730 offers an instrument validation routine (as standard) to verify instrument performance.

Other features

  • Double-beam spectrophotometer with single monochromator
  • Silicon photodiode detectors
  • Range 190 to 1100 nm
  • Fixed bandpass of 1.5 nm
  • High-speed scanning up to 8,000 nm/min

V-730 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer Specifications

Optical System Rowland off-circle arrangement
Single monochromator
Double beam type
Light source Halogen lamp, Deuterium lamp
Wavelength range 190 to 1100 nm
Wavelength accuracy +/-0.2 nm (at 656.1 nm)
Wavelength repeatability +/-0.1 nm
Spectral bandwidth (SBW) 1 nm
Stray light 1 % (198 nm KCL 12 g/L aqueous solution)
0.02 % (220 nm NaI 10 g/L aqueous solution)
0.02 % (340 nm NaNO2 50 g/L aqueous solution)
0.02 % (370 nm NaNO2 50 g/L aqueous solution)
SBW: 1 nm
Photometric range -3~3 Abs
Photometric accuracy +/-0.0015 Abs (0 to 0.5 Abs)
+/-0.0025 Abs (0.5 to 1 Abs)
+/-0.3 %T Tested
with NIST SRM 930D
Photometric repeatability +/-0.0005 Abs (0 to 0.5 Abs)
+/-0.0005 Abs (0.5 to 1 Abs)
Tested with NIST SRM 930D
Scanning speed 10-8000 nm/min
Slew speed 24,000 nm/min
RMS noise 0.00004 Abs
(0 Abs, wavelength: 500 nm, measurement time: 60 sec, SBW: 1 nm)
Baseline stability 0.0004 Abs/hour
(Value obtained more than one hour after turning on the source,
when the room temperature is stabilized, wavelength: 250 nm,
response: slow)
Baseline flatness +/-0.0005 Abs (200 - 1000 nm)
Detector Silicon photodiode
Standard facilities IQ accessories, Start button, Analog output
Standard program Abs/%T meter, Quantitative analysis, Spectrum measurement,
Time course measurement, Fixed wavelength measurement, Validation,
Daily maintenance, Macro command (only for iRM),
Two wavelengths time course measurement (only for PC)
Dimensions and weight 486(W) x 441(D) x 216(H) mm, 15 kg
Power requirements 120 VA
Installation requirements Room temperature: 15-30 Celsius, humidity: below 85%


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